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What Does a General Contractor Do?
General contractors are the people you need on-site to help make sure your project is on schedule and stays within budget. They also help you navigate the building-code process and deal with any liability issues that may arise during construction.

A good general contractor will have a strong relationship with many different subcontractors and suppliers. This is important because it means they can offer you a more competitive price.

They’ll be able to give you a better idea of what your options are when it comes to the materials you need for your new home. They’ll know which suppliers will offer you the best prices and which ones to avoid.

The GC can also work with your design team to ensure that your project is built according to your specifications and needs. This can be especially useful when you have special features or a unique vision for your home.

Typically, the first step for a general contractor is to meet with the client to discuss their goals and the desired outcome of the project. Then, they’ll provide an estimate and work out a contract that will cover the construction process.

This is a huge responsibility and often takes a lot of time. You want a contractor that has experience working with other clients and can keep everything on track.

They will need to manage the budget and coordinate with various tradespeople, including an architect, a designer, plumbers, electricians, and more. This can take up a great deal of their time and energy, so it’s essential that they be passionate about the job they’re doing and willing to adjust plans if necessary.

As the GC is overseeing the entire construction process, they’ll be responsible for ensuring that all workers are paid properly and the materials and equipment needed are on hand. The GC will also have to communicate with you on a daily basis and adjust the schedule if any problems arise.

In addition, a good general contractor should have a solid builder’s risk policy in place to protect their property from theft during the construction process. This is particularly important when they’re storing expensive tools and equipment on the job site.

Once you’ve found a contractor, you should get references from at least three of their past clients. You’ll need to ask about their experience with them, how easy they were to work with and whether they were able to maintain a timeline on their projects.

If you’re hiring a general contractor to handle the construction of your new home, it’s important that you hire someone who has a solid reputation for quality work and who is dedicated to the job. A reputable general contractor will be a true partner who will listen to your needs and make suggestions to help you achieve them.

A reputable general contractor will work with you to find the right materials and equipment for your project. This is a critical part of the construction process, as it can make all the difference in how the end product turns out.

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